Best S3X Toys for Beginners

A Buying Guide for Dildos and Vibrators

As the global pandemic puts a halt on ~sexy time~ with real-life partners, many of us are buying up big when it comes to sex toys. 

But where to start?! 

If you’re considering picking up a piece of pleasure for the first time, it can be both tantalisingly exciting and daunting. Not only are there multiple different types of toys, but there are endless variations for each type of toy. 

Fear not — your ENID big sister is here to help you lose yourself in an orgasmic wave.

As your intro to the wonderful world of sex toys, we’re breaking down vibrators and dildos and their respective variations.

Dildo vs Vibrator

First things first, we need to talk about the difference between the two most common toys

A dildo is essentially a stand-in for the ol’ peen. They can be used for penetrative play on yourself or with a partner(s), both vaginally or anally.

If you enjoy penetration, the dildo is for you.

Shape wise, the length and girth are designed to mimic that of an erect penis, and sizes range from micro to eight inches or more. This one goes up inside you, and your basic model will likely be a six-incher (the most commonly purchased size) with no fancy pants attachments or features.

From here, you can consider add-ons like ones with testicles, ones made to feel like real skin, double-ended ones, or variations on the standard shape that include curved, coloured, ribbed, beaded, strap-on and vibrating. Dildos with a suction on the base are also common, designed to be attached to a wall (often in the shower) for hands-free fun.

If you enjoy penetration, a dildo is the one for you. We suggest starting with a realistic-looking one and progressing to a ribbed or vibrating dildo later on.

Speaking of vibration, a vibrator is a powered toy designed to bring pleasure from vibrating motions, whether that’s in the form of a wand, bullet, egg or more. Whilst there’s an endless list of types when it comes to vibrators, this means there’s likely something out there specifically for what you’re looking for.

If you climax from clitoral stimulation, a vibrator is where your party is at.

Types of Vibrators


Bullet vibrators are a good place to start. They are non-intimidating and relatively inexpensive, providing the perfect start to your sex toy journey. Most are rather small in diameter (around 1.5cm) and no more than four inches long, with a battery that sits inside to power it along (they usually come with a battery though, so have no fear!). Also keep in mind that those with a smaller tip are designed for precision. Bullet vibrators are also pretty straightforward to use, with a button on one end that you click to rotate through varying vibration speeds and patterns.


Similar to bullets in the sense that they’re smaller and less intimidating, the egg (not the food variety) is another popular type of vibrator. They often come in the form of — yep, you guessed it — an egg

Larger in diameter than the classic bullet, these are either battery-powered or USB rechargeable, with some versions even offering remote control capabilities. The egg is a good option for beginners who want a bit of flexibility to experiment, or want to give that control to someone else. 


A vibrating wand is the classic OG vibrator you’ve seen in Sex and the City.

Characterised by their cylindrical handle base, where buttons and controls are positioned, the head of the wand is more circular, with a silicon or rubber dome of sorts sitting on the end. The wands are a step up, usually providing multiple vibration patterns, powers and modes whilst the larger head provides a larger surface area of stimulating sensation. 


The new kid on the block, suction vibrators work by increasing blood flow to your clitoris to improve and increase arousal. This serves to surround erogenous zones without touch, and most come with variations in fluttering vibrations for personalisation. 

Suction vibrators are great if you’re looking to try something new, but due to their increased price and specific nature, are for the more experienced masturbator. 


Whilst the classic vibrator comes in a phallic shape, there are also vibrators designed for clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

The rabbit vibrator has all the functions of a classic pleasure stick, with the bonus of a clitoral stimulator. The idea is that when you insert the vibrator, there’s a section that sticks out like a rabbit’s ears — to sit on your clitoris and stimulate your outer regions whilst also providing pleasure inside.

Some classic and rabbit vibrators also come with a slight curve at the tip to provide added g-spot stimulation. We call this one the all-rounder, due to its multiple uses.


Lastly, couples vibrators exist to enhance pleasure time with a partner.

Ones like the We-Vibe couples vibrator allows for clitoral and g-spot stimulation, whilst simultaneously still providing room for penetrative sex too. The design is a ‘mouldable’ U-shape, where one end sits on the clitoris, and the other on the g-spot, with the curve stopping it from falling out, even during penetration. 

With a bit of lube, you’ll avoid the friction caused by silicon on the skin, so a penis can slide in, therefore allowing your partner to enjoy the fun too!

Other Toys

Whilst dildos and vibrators are the most common introduction to sex toys, there is a myriad of wonderful (and a little terrifying) other toys out there too.

From anal beads to strap-ons, whatever tickles your pickle, it probably exists. 

But if you’re just starting, this guide should get you prepped for choosing your first sex toy.

So go forth, and happy masturbating!

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