How to Slay an Interview

Whether it’s your first or fifty-first job interview, it’s inevitable to never feel completely prepared. But receiving that phone call telling you you’ve got the job, and the stress and the pain of the entire process becomes worth it. 

If you’re knee-deep in job applications (or even if you’re not!), we’ve got some tips to ensure you present the best version of yourself to prospective employers.

Your ENID big Sister is here to help you slay your next interview, so you can wow everyone in the room! 

Dress to impress

Deciding what to wear for the interview is a whole process in itself, before the interview even begins. 

What you wear says a lot about you as a person, and how you present yourself. First impressions stick and you want to amaze, ‘cause being satisfactory is simply not enough. 

We advise dressing according to what job you are applying for. It would be a bit awkward turning up to a law firm in your gym gear rather than office wear. Yet, donning a Gymshark set to a Personal Trainer job would be ideal.  

You’ll likely be one of hundreds of applicants, so it’s important to stand out. Wearing something other than black or grey, such as a red blazer for an office job; or a patterned dress for a teaching job will make you stand out, and therefore easier for employers to remember you.

This should go without saying, but make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free and stain-free. Same goes for neat (brushed) hair, clean nails, and no offensive odours!

Research and amaze 

You want to look like you know what you’re talking about, even if you haven’t a clue. Researching the company and the job title not only shows enthusiasm, but demonstrates to the employer that you’re ready to immerse yourself in this new opportunity. 

Show (genuine) interest in the company. Talk about what you can do for them, what skills you bring to the table, and frame them in the context of the job title — again — by researching company values ahead of time. Showing you’ve already put in the legwork increases your chances and demonstrates your eagerness.

You’ll kick butt on all the questions (expected and unexpected!) that come your way! 

Show up early

There’s quite literally nothing worse than showing up to an interview late, and sweaty from missing the last bus and running all the way to the venue. Punctuality is incredibly important, particularly in the workforce! 

Showing up around ten minutes early illustrates your punctuality and organisational skills. Looking like you have your life put together is very attractive to potential employers, as it’s indicative of whether or not you’ll be on time to work, and be able to maintain professionalism. 

Know when to shut up

As much as we all like talking about ourselves, listening in an interview is a virtue. Answering the question in your head, rather than what’s been asked, increases interviewer frustration. 

Instead, it’s better to listen carefully, pause and think clearly before answering. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification either. You’ll give interviewers exactly what they want.

Keep calm and slay stay confident 

Nobody will hire a cocky know-it-all, but projecting confidence on the other hand, is an extremely attractive quality. 

You want to radiate with confidence, to emit positivity and optimism. And even if you’re feeling anything but confident, the best approach is to fake it ‘till you make it.

It can be as simple as asking questions during the interview — such as what your day to day responsibilities will be — or maintaining professional yet friendly body language. 

Above all, don’t forget to whack on a grin, and be polite to everyone in the room — from other candidates, to the interviewees and reception staff.

Avoid predictability 

Employers have heard all the clichés before, from candidates claiming to be team players, or that you’ve dreamed of this job since you were a child. This typical ‘interview speak’ makes you far less memorable, because you deliver the same message as everyone else. 

Instead, provide them with interesting examples tailored to your life. Elaborate on the fact you started a small business, volunteered at a charity shop, or talk about the school sports team you were on (even if you did little to help out!). 

You can relate most activities to back organisational skills, team work or time management. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of a little exaggeration or embellishment about our experiences. How else are we supposed to get experience, right?! 

Be yourself and be honest! 

This is one of the most important tips. Be real, be yourself! You don’t want to pretend you’re someone you are not. Nor do you want to be a carbon copy of everyone else. Who wants to work in a place where they don’t appreciate who you are as a person? No one! 

Authenticity will allow you to work more efficiently and effectively on the job. Ultimately, this will benefit both you and the employer. 

Relax, take a deep breath, and speak from the heart.

Make a memorable exit 

Don’t hide your best material or hope it will be uncovered with probing questions. Interviewers almost always remember the first and the last thing you say, so make your last point a clear statement that reiterates how you match the role. 

This way, you’ll be sure to leave your mark as a boss b*tch who just slayed their job interview!

So, siswas, dazzling interviews are on the horizon. Even if you don’t end up acing your interview, don’t worry, you’ll get better with practice. Forgive us for the cliché, but what will be will be — so there’s no point overthinking once you’re out of that room knowing you’ve done your best.

Now go forth and slay those interviews! 

Love and hugs,

Your ENID big sis XOXO

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