ENID Reviews… ‘Emily in Paris’

From the producers of Sex and the City comes MTV’s newest bingeable series, Emily in Paris. Having recently ranked number one as the most streamed show on Australian Netflix, there’s a good reason why this show is so popular.

The first season of Emily in Paris follows the life of titular character Emily, who moves to Paris from Chicago as an American representative for the French arm of her marketing company.

Having taken the role by chance, she creates an Instagram account, @emilyinparis, to document this new adventure. We follow along as she earns her place in the workplace (without speaking a word of French), wins over both clients and hearts, and slowly becomes an influencer by posting pics of her baguettes.

The plotline sucks you in, with each episode presenting a dilemma that Emily manages to solve, along with a complicated love triangle between neighbour Gabriel and new friend (and Gabriel’s girlfriend), Camille.

Whilst there has already been backlash about the casual sexual harassment and general shittiness from the male characters, there’s also a point to be made about the misrepresentation of the marketing industry as a whole on this show.

Emily does work hard to gain acceptance amongst her French coworkers, but she also manages to acquire the trickiest of clients (including a married one who is apparently trying to seduce her, whilst also having an affair with her boss).

Her role as digital marketing manager also seems to cover public relations, marketing director, social media marketer and more — roles which are complex in themselves, and in the real world, would be assigned to a team of individuals. 

Emily also becomes an influencer seemingly overnight, hitting 20,000 followers in a matter of weeks, and gets herself invited to an exclusive influencer brand event. She also hits over a million engagements on social media for each client she handles. Despite this, in typical SATC fashion, the show is easy to consume, filled with little quips, incredible outfits and strong women going their own way.

Set against a beautiful Parisian backdrop, Emily in Paris is your perfect new obsession if you love all things fashion, marketing and clichéd. 

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