How to Order Drinks Like an Adult

Although the official silly season may be over, a new season is upon us: summer! We can say with a high degree of certainty that you’re going to find yourself at a few festive events — some definitely involving alcohol. 

If your tastes haven’t progressed beyond the UDLs and Vodka Cruisers of your youth, or you just get overwhelmed by all the options out there, now is the time to level up with tips from your ENID big sis. 

Here’s our guide on how to order drinks like an adult.

The ENID Network supports the responsible consumption of alcohol. Under 18? No alcohol is the safest choice.

First things first — what’s your go-to drink order? Even if you answered Cruiser, you’ll know the difference between flavours you enjoy (i.e. sweet ones), and ones you definitely don’t. 

Whether you prefer a sparkling bevvy will also help narrow things down, as will having a strength in mind for your drink of choice – think, on a scale of ‘one’ to ‘Tammy Hembrow passing out at Kylie Jenner’s birthday party’, how drunk do you plan on getting?


For those who want a classy drink that is both easy to hold (no spillage here!) and to sip on, wine is a safe option that will allow you to slowly sip away at your one standard drink. Sparkling or Prosecco are both great ops, but due to being carbonated, drinking too much will probably result in you spending the rest of the night with your head in the toilet. Not a vibe.

White wine is light and refreshing; you can choose from a sweeter, fruitier one like moscato or pinot grigio; or opt for a drier, crisper white with a sauvignon blanc, chardonnay or riesling. 

If white wines are altogether too sweet for you, you might like a red or a rosé. Red wine also looks mature, but isn’t always best for summertime drinking, as it’s not served chilled and will stain your clothes.


Beers and ales are made from grains, so if you’re not gluten free, they’re a great savoury option. The serving size is larger (a pint or schooner are both about 430mLs, compared to just 100mL for a standard glass of wine) so you are drinking a greater amount to consume the same strength of alcohol. So if you don’t feel like running to the loo all night, maybe don’t go for a beer or two.

Some great easy-drinking beers include James Boag’s, Great Northern, Toohey’s and Corona. 

And if you think beer might be too bitter for you, then there’s always cider! Brewed from apples, these have the same fizz and alcoholic content of a light beer but are much sweeter in flavour.


For those who want double the strength with half the volume, cocktails are where it’s at.

Keep in mind that since they’re made with multiple liqueurs or spirits, cocktails are not only stronger than other drinks, but more expensive too.

Classics like a margarita (which is sour and tequila based), an espresso martini (made with coffee, coffee liqueur and vodka), or a mojito (mint, lime and rum) will set you back anywhere from $18AUD at most bars.

However, if you’re in the mood to #treatyoself, there’s a whole range of delicious cocky-t’s to choose from.

At ENID, we love a paloma (grapefruit, tequila, bitters) and a pisco sour (citrus with a layer of foam on top!). 

Some bars may also have slushy cocktail specials over summer, like a frozen marg or daiquiri. These are often cheaper as they’re made in bulk (and watered down!) but they’re a fantastic option for easy summer drinking as they’re usually very palatable.


Italian for preparing your stomach for food (no, really!), aperitivos are light and fresh — perfect for pairing with nibbles.

By far the most widely available is the Aperol spritz. Served over ice, aperols are incredibly easy to drink and are the perfect refreshment on a hot day.

Some bars will also have their own variations of other spritzers, like a Limoncello or Sofi spritz.

Other aperitivo drinks include the negroni, peach bellini and the amaretto sour. You’ll likely find all these under the cocktail section of the menu, but trust us, they’re not quite the same thing!


If none of the above has whet your appetite so far, then maybe you’ll enjoy a simple mixed drink: one part spirits, one part soft drink, and served over ice.

Classics include a vodka lime soda, rum and coke, and gin and tonic. These days, there’s also more low-cal options, like seltzers — which are just vodka, soda water and a dash of lime or other fruit flavouring. 

And if you want to skip the mixer altogether, there’s always spirits served directly over ice, which is a drink ordered “on the rocks”.

Remember to drink responsibly gals and pals – and we’ll see you at the bar!


Your ENID big sis

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