Poetry | Worlds Away

For you, on the other side of the door

A world away – how are you? 

I miss you terribly, so you should stay

Right where you are or I’ll eat you up.

Just kidding, please come in? 

(That’s a joke, I know you can’t). 

I look out the window for the longest time and

The trees are going gold and the sky is going

Blue and the street is tarry ash. I think of

Your skin and your eyes and your hair. Then,

A great gaping hole opens up that I nestle in

Like a bird in an egg. In that dark place I am

Reborn in fond remembrances, tapping on the shell

Of your painted eyes. I miss the image of you;

The changed, blurred image of you on the back

Of my retinas. I see you from the inside-out,

The exo-skeleton of my crazed imaginings but

You are on the other side of the world

A door away – and how terribly I miss

Being able to know you from a breath away.

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