Named after Dame Enid Murial Lyons, the first woman elected to the Australian House of Representatives and to serve in the Federal Cabinet, the ENID network is an online platform to inspire university wom*n of all backgrounds. The ENID project was originally started by Nina, Adri and Honey in 2016 when they were students at the University of Sydney. Together, they built up the platform with a significant online following dedicated to helping high-school students Aim High and Think Big.
In 2019, the ENID Network was passed on to Kate and Amy, who expanded the Network to become an online journalism platform created by and for female-identifying and non-binary Sydney university students. With a strong focus on intersectional feminist issues, as well as personal experiences, ENID is a network of support and empowerment.  The team aims for ENID to be a place where women’s voices on a huge variety of topics are celebrated, and where content is shared that can empower and inform women within and beyond the university community.

Meet the team



Brunch enthusiast and Instagram addict, Fran loves nothing more than a good book, a glass of rosé and when her online shopping arrives on time. When she’s not working, you’ll find her at the beach, procrastinating from all responsibilities, attempting to exercise and patting other people’s dogs.



Rosie may call Sydney home now, but she originally hails from the small town of Geraldton, Western Australia. Her love affair with writing began at a young age, and she is very proud to call herself a published poet. Rosie contributed to ENID in it’s first iteration, having found a home for her (very sarcastic) voice.



Alice is a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce student at The University of Sydney majoring in Human Resources and Management. With her head stuck firmly in a book, or her finger stuck on the refresh button of the Guardian, she has accumulated many thoughts… on many things. She is excited to make ENID a platform that will become increasingly more integral empowering women in many spaces.



Lucja is a Religion, Philosophy and Ethics student from KCL and was on exchange at the University of Sydney. She has written publications for the ENID network, is far too disorganised for someone who claims to be organised and devotes way too much time to her bunny.

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