Poetry | Worlds Away

For you, on the other side of the door A world away – how are you?  I miss you terribly, so you should stay Right where you are or I’ll eat you up. Just kidding, please come in?  (That’s a joke, I know you can’t).  I look out the window for the longest time and… Continue reading Poetry | Worlds Away

ENID Reviews… ‘Dear Ex’

Who loved him first? In a situation where no one is completely free from culpability, who do we blame? Directed by Mag Hsu,  the Taiwanese film Dear Ex markets itself as a comedy-drama. However, it’s ironic, sometimes cruel humour is an unconvincing mask over a bitter, solution-less situation in which almost everyone involved can be… Continue reading ENID Reviews… ‘Dear Ex’

Short Fiction | A Beautiful Day

Art by Sarvika Mishra She woke from a beautiful dream to the scream of birds as they jostled for space in the nest they had made on her roof. The sun’s face was slotted through the gaps of her blinds, smiling benevolently down on her. Her blankets were warm, almost uncomfortably so. She had no… Continue reading Short Fiction | A Beautiful Day

Short Fiction | A Most True Love

“Do you remember,” Kate said - apropos of nothing one night - “when we used to act out stories on the lawn?” Elaine shifted from where she was sprawled on the bed. “What?” “On the lawn,” Kate repeated, “stories. Queen and knight.” After a pause, Elaine sighed wistfully. “Our youthful exploits in theatrics. I was… Continue reading Short Fiction | A Most True Love

ENID Reviews… ‘Fairytales for Wilde Girls’

A novel by Alyssa Near With illustrations by Courtney Brimms ★★★★★ Fairytales for Wilde Girls, by contemporary Australian author Allyse Near, manages the impressive feat of sacrificing neither gritty reality nor whimsical fairytale in the world it weaves and the characters that inhabit it. A bubblegum gothic coming-of-age narrative that centres itself firmly in the… Continue reading ENID Reviews… ‘Fairytales for Wilde Girls’