Crushing On… Heather Rose

Our gal Alice speaks to Tasmanian author Heather Rose, about their love of the land, becoming internationally acclaimed and the best ways to become a better reader - and writer!

Chatting with Abbie Chatfield

An interview with ex-Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield, on the realities of reality television, body confidence, and a full-time career as an influencer.

Crushing On… Sarah Hanson-Young

An important conversation with senator Sarah Hanson-Young with implications that go way beyond the political sphere. She reminds us that there is value in compassionate dialogue and offers her tips for finding hope in dark times.

Crushing On… Neesha Flint

Our gal Alice gets the deets on COVID-19 in regional communities in this interview with the principal of Geraldton Grammar School in regional Western Australia. Neesha talks all things education and empowerment.

ENID’s Guide to Spring Sweatpants

If 2020 was a wardrobe item, it would be dusty heels.  In February, I was looking at purchasing a new floral dress, but by April, I was scrolling on The Iconic looking for new sweatpants to add to my collection.  Long gone are the days of tight denim (anything form-fitting really), heeled booties and leather… Continue reading ENID’s Guide to Spring Sweatpants

Crushing On… Julia Gilmour

No idea what a management consultant actually does? Neitehr did we, until this enlightening interview with Julia, who explains the ins and outs of the consulting business.

Crushing On… Our Co-founders

An interview with the founding duo of ENID, Nina and Adri

The Business and Benefits of Personal Branding

WTF even is personal branding? It points to the promotion of your individuality through a distinct design. Alice takes us through the business (or more aptly, art) of personal branding and its benefits to a blossoming career.

Crushing On… Emily Kucukalic

To launch our new Gal Crush segment, Alice interviews the founder and managing director of Brand New You, Australia's number one personal branding agency.

A Practical Guide for Finding Routine in Mayhem

Public service announcement: telling someone they need a routine is about as helpful as telling someone they really need to not have 6 cups of coffee a day. Yes, justification is not unclear, but it is also not particularly helpful. In times like this, there is no absence of advice, but a lot of the advice clearly lacks substance.