Aussie Athletes Shine: Tokyo 2020 Wrap Up

It’s hard to narrow down two weeks’ worth of sporting prowess to just ten spectacular moments. Every Olympics is filled with moments of global joy, yet Tokyo 2020 has been extra special, knowing that these athletes had to wait an extra year to show the world what they’re made of.

Everyone has an Olympic Story.

Everyone has an Olympic story, even if you're not an athlete. This is Caitlin's.

Creative Essay | Pulling Up the Anchor

An anchor’s sole responsibility is to keep the boat or floating object it is attached to, stationary. It is a weight that is necessary, always reliable and can last several years if the ocean floor allows.  The only reason an anchor will not serve its purpose is if someone pulls it up using heavy force… Continue reading Creative Essay | Pulling Up the Anchor

Come to Paris and New York With Me?

In the midst of Sydney lockdown, Caitlin is lamenting her previous travels. When she was younger, she travelled the world with books and film. Currently, she can only travel with her words...

Poetry | Bombora

See those rocks out there past the break? Sometimes you can’t see them, they are covered by the tide blanket. Look, there they are again. Well, that’s where I am. I mostly live a submerged existence, coming up for air only sometimes. My name is in the original language of the earliest peoples; the ones… Continue reading Poetry | Bombora

Poetry | My World With You In It

Tuesday, 13 April, 2021 The ghost of a grandparent I have never met haunts me. Tears stream down my face when I try to think of how you talked to people and made them laugh.  There are others who did know you, heard your laugh  and got to feel that embrace  that only a grandfather… Continue reading Poetry | My World With You In It

The Polaroid Project

People don't normally get philosophical about photography. In an age of throwaway consumerism, what value do polaroids offer? Part 1 of a new series from our gal Caitlin, 'Imprints of our past'.

Why I Write: Caitlin’s Story

Caitlin has always wanted to be a writer. After reading her story, it's easy to see why.

Creative Non-fiction | A Letter to My 15 Year Old Self

Here’s what I wish I knew ten years ago. Because sometimes, we just need a little reminder of how far we’ve come. Hey there Caitlin from ten years ago. I’m you, just older and maybe wiser. Knowing too much about the future is dangerous - we know that from all the science fiction we watch… Continue reading Creative Non-fiction | A Letter to My 15 Year Old Self

ENID Reviews… ‘The Space Between’

From the creators of the Shameless podcast Photo by Caitlin Robson There are few books in the world that I have felt the urge to highlight, scribble in and write all over. That is because I’m a book purist; I don’t even dog-ear pages. But The Space Between is one that I wanted to commit… Continue reading ENID Reviews… ‘The Space Between’