ENID Reviews… ‘To My Country’

Ben Lawson's viral video poem that became a book

Personal Training for First-timers: COVID edition

I had never used a Personal Trainer (that’s a PT, for those in the know) or done any kind of weights-based exercise before this year, coincidentally when all the gyms closed. Around May this year, when New South Wales and most of the rest of the world was in lockdown, I started with a personal… Continue reading Personal Training for First-timers: COVID edition

FREEMAN: Cathy’s Story, Twenty Years On

Cathy Freeman may be a household name in Australia, but it wasn't until watching the ABC's recent documentary 'FREEMAN', that Caitlin fully realised the strength of Cathy's story - or her importance as a woman, a sporting figure, and an Indigenous Australian.

‘Sex Education’ Teaches Us About So Much More Than Sex

Caitlin would like to broadcast the following PSA: we need to listen to the teenage girls in Netflix's 'Sex Education' - they teach us about much more than just sex. Content warning: this article mentions sexual assault.

Poetry | The Mermaid

Not at all timid like her mythological counterparts, she bursts forth with as much energy as the waves that she disappears under.  She is far more confident in the water than on land.  The sun is her friend; it lets her shine.  She needs to be close to the wet expanse - even if it… Continue reading Poetry | The Mermaid

The X-Files Continues to Inspire Women in STEM

After binge-watching The X-Files series in its entirety, Caitlin realised the ongoing relevance of the show for women in STEM. Introducing, the Scully Effect.