ENID’s Guide to Sustainable Gifting

There's guaranteed to always be another celebration around the corner. No matter the occasion, ENID is here to guide you on more sustainable ways of spreading cheer.

Friday essay: a sex-positive feminist takes up the ‘unfinished revolution’ her mother began – but it’s complicated

Bad Sex – like Bad Feminist (the title of the essay collection that launched Roxane Gay to literary stardom back in 2014) – is an enticing title for a book. Who hasn’t had bad sex at some time or other, including those of us who identify as feminists?

Raves, repairs, and renewal: how young Ukrainians are bringing joy to the rebuilding effort

After more than 250 days of assaults from Russian forces, Ukrainian resistance is taking more surprising forms. In an attempt to reconnect to their pre-invasion cutting-edge techno scene a group of young activists have been organising “repair raves” to attract people to help with the massive clean-up effort, dancing together while they do it.


by Belle Campbell soft, misshapen head bruised by your ego. her pockets sagging with the weight of your ham-fisted denial. you can never lie to her, still sleep like her. afraid of the dark, blindly groping the edges of this feeling, indecipherable layers of fear. the beak of lip and swell of cheek. the spring… Continue reading girl

Poetry | 136 Major

By Holly Stirman My secluded state  C’est la vie en tenebres  Dead Inquistiton  Deliberating  A slow decomposition  Brain dead before body  He plays with my mind  Escape to freedom denied  A brute fantasy  A silent echo  Of exhausting restlessness  Panic at the club  A rich illusion  On looking from high above  The faint film of… Continue reading Poetry | 136 Major

Best S3X Toys for Beginners

Your ENID big sister is here to help you lose yourself in an orgasmic wave.

The Devastating Impact of Fee Hikes on Already Disadvantaged Australian Students

Our team reports on the recent announcement by the Australian Federal Government that university fees will increase. Surely its relative to inflation though, right? Not at all, with some humanities degrees facing an 113% price hike.

Feminism and Studio Ghibli

Chloe analyses the world of Studio Ghibli through a feminist lens.