Crushing On… Kelle Howard

Kelle couldn't find a suitable place to renovate, so she built her own home instead! The interior designer talks to our gal Alice about her Bajo El Sol Beach House, motherhood, and business.

ENID Reviews… Netflix’s New ‘Baby-Sitter’s Club’

Netflix’s new original series, The Baby-Sitter's Club, brings everything you love about the original novel series of the same name — and then some. Before we launch into the review, I have to make a quick confession: I never read The Babysitter's Club books as a teen/tween/preteen. I’m also a good decade older than the… Continue reading ENID Reviews… Netflix’s New ‘Baby-Sitter’s Club’

What I Learnt From Working in a Toxic Male Workplace

Managing editor Fran reveals the realities of her first office job. What should have been a milestone moment in her career and personal life became a lesson in toxic male workplaces. Content warning: this article involves discussion of sexual assault

The Collapse of Print Media

The death of print media isn't a new phenomenon. But is there a future for those of us aspiring to work in magazines, print or otherwise?

5 Slow Fashion Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

Sustainability is (finally) gaining traction, and there are now many more sustainable retailers to choose from, including those that won't hurt your hip pocket. After all, paying $90 for a basic top can seem like extortion...

Things to do When Stuck Indoors

As Australia moves to self-isolation measures due to the coronavirus epidemic, we’re in the midst of a strange new reality. Which means for most of us, staying indoors all day, every day is the new norm. But if you’re not an introvert or homebody, you might be struggling to pass the time outside of Zoom meetings and walking to the fridge for yet another snack...