What We Learned From 10 Influential Women in Fashion

When it came down to choose just ten fashion icons from the past century, it was an absolute struggle to narrow it down. Lucja reflects on a myriad of incredible influential women from the ages, who have changed fashion forever.

Marked at Birth: Normalising Port-Wine Stain Birthmarks

Lucja was born "kissed by an angel", with port-wine stain birthmarks covering most of her body. Her story is one of finding self-love in a world that covets clear skin.

Poland’s Fight For Freedom and Solidarity After Abortions Were Outlawed

Thousands of Poles protested against the even stricter abortion laws recently introduced by the governing PiS party. Lucja tells us more.

Philosophical Insights from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

Givenchy, high fashion, and the iconic little black dress are just a few things that spring to mind when referring to the classic 60s movie. However, beyond this, the elegant, stylish and luxurious world of Holly Golightly also offers some interesting philosophical insights.

A Philosophical Analysis to Better Understand Consent

Though the word 'consent' gets thrown around pretty much constantly, what does it actually mean to 'consent' to intercourse? Lucja examines the philosophical problem of consent, and assures us that, ultimately, only yes means yes - so we should always explicitly seek consent.

Our Guide to Getting Over That Break Up

Break ups just plain suck. They're right up there with root canals and running for the bus but still missing it. But big sister ENID is here to help guide you through that break up, so that you can get back to doing what you do best: being a boss b*tch!

How to Slay an Interview

Big sister ENID is back, and she's here to help you slay your next interview. With these tips and tricks, you're sure to wow everyone in the room - or maybe, in the zoom!

Degrading Pornography Objectifies and Silences Women

What is porn? When does it become problematic? And what role can wom*n play in uplifting their fellow gals amid objectification? Lucja investigates.

Co-opting the Crucifix

Does the crucifix, once only a religious symbol, become meaningless when adopted as a fashion statement?

Should We Be Avoiding Blue and White Striped Clothing?

Because it is not always about what you wear, but also the awareness that you should have about what you wear.