Why I Write: Rose’s Story

Before she became a writer, Rose liked to think of herself as a storyteller. Why does she write? To keep telling stories - to anyone and anything that will listen.

Short Fiction | I Refuse To Be A Princess

“Nope.”  I shut my eyes resolutely but I could still feel them staring. “No, I’m not going to be kidnapped by a dragon. Or dye my hair blonde. Or even get married to the next handsome prince that just happens to come along.” I opened my eyes just long enough to glare at the angel.… Continue reading Short Fiction | I Refuse To Be A Princess

An Aromantic Perspective on Love Songs

Rose identifies as aromantic; she has never been in love... and doesn't really want to. So what is her perspective on love songs?

Short Fiction | An Alternate Knight

The journey to the castle had been long and tedious. Along the way Elliot had come across every stereotype in the realm and encountered countless handsome and lovable princes and knights...