I Moved Across the Country at 17

At just 17, Rosie uprooted her life to pursue uni interstate. Here's what she learned in the process.

I am very far from okay: An RUOK Day Special

Rosie has a problem with RUOK Day. As someone who has suffered from a wide range of mental illnesses, she believes this gripe to be entirely justified. Read her raw account of what it is like to experience suicidal thoughts.

Combining Passions from Polarising Disciplines

Rosie has yet another bone to pick. This time, it's about her degree. Sick of society's fixation on what she calls 'The Single Pursuit', Rosie reckons its time that we all embrace slashie culture.

ENID Reviews… A Celebration of Vulva Diversity

In her book 'A Celebration of Vulva Diversity', Hilde Atalanta, illustrator and founder of The Vulva Gallery Project, highlights our differences not to be divisive, but rather to show how our diversity brings wom*n together.

Cursed with Femininity

Rosie explains how and why women swear, and illuminates how our curses can make us better feminists. Content warning: this article involves the use of excessive explicit language to dismantle the patriarchy

The Impact of Social Distancing on My Social Anxiety

Rosie has suffered from anxiety, in particular social anxiety, for a long time. And so, in some ways, social distancing has been a real blessing. Read more about the positive impacts iso has had on Rosie's mental health.

Make Philosophy Studies Mandatory

Rosie writes about her experience of studying philosophy and why some studies of the discipline should be made mandatory.