5 Awesome Must-Read Books by Female Authors

As a former English tutor, Shinae has seen the impact of the "no time to read" attitude. But literacy should be at the centre of our culture. And what better literature to champion than those with female authors.

On Single Mothers

This Mother's Day, Shinae reflects on her upbringing in a single mother family - and society's ongoing prejudices towards such families.

Why I Write: Shinae’s Story

Shinae knows she has a lot to learn about writing. But she also knows that "writing is freedom" - and so it is only fitting that her work focuses on inequality.

Godard’s 1966 film ‘Masculin Feminin’ is a Postmodern Masterpiece

"One of the most intellectually exciting and insightful films of the 20th century"

Lana Del Rey and the Dreams of a Generation

Pop artist Lana del Rey is familiar to many, but the woman herself is a slippery figure. Even if her persona is fabricated, her music has something to say about authenticity. Shinae examines Lana's lamentations.

The Personality Industry

On zodiacs, horoscopes and personality tests I’m an Aquarius. According to one website, Aquarians are “progressive, original, independent, humanitarian”. We like intellectual conversations, helping others and having fun with our friends. Likewise, Astrology.com points to a humanitarian streak and a keen interest in “making the world a better place”. If I had been born five… Continue reading The Personality Industry

Against Hustle Culture

Art by Sarvika Mishra “Work”, Khalil Gibran writes, “is love made visible”.  This quote comes from the much-celebrated book The Prophet which centres around a fictional prophet, who, facing impending departure to his home country, shares advice on love, work, marriage, parenting and more.  I was on my lunch break when I read the section… Continue reading Against Hustle Culture

Medical Misinformation on TikTok

Until she began to use TikTok, Shinae had never given much thought to medical rumours. Although it can represent an irresistible world of music and dance, there is a dark medical underworld to the wildly popular social media platform.

Self-help Books Do More Harm Than Good

With motivational self-help books an increasingly popular reading choice, Shinae investigates who they are really helping. Could they be more harmful than we thought?

The Future of Fashion Magazines

Shinae Taylor explores how fashion magazines have created a new kind of hyper-individualistic, pro-consumer, ‘girl power’ identity, and investigates whether the industry should be revived.