Hear what ENID has to say about everything from the struggles of university studies and work-life balance to tips for landing your next dream job and interviews of career-driven gals.

Against Hustle Culture

“Work”, Khalil Gibran writes, “is love made visible”.  This quote comes from the much-celebrated book The Prophet which centres around a fictional prophet, who, facing impending departure to his home country, shares advice on love, work, marriage, parenting and more.  I was on my lunch break when I read the section on ‘Work’. Filled with…

6 Ways To Optimise an Hour Long Lunch Break

Have you been blessed with a gig that offers an hour-long lunch break, like the true adult professional that you are? Unsure of how to optimise that time, so that you can truly reap the benefits of such a blessing? Well, look no further gals and pals, your ENID big sis is here to help.

I Chose Freelancing Over Full Time Work

It’s not a narrative that is often shared with students, but full time work isn’t necessarily the next step after graduating with an undergrad degree. Despite being the “odd one out job-wise”, managing editor Fran has enjoyed the freedom that comes with freelancing.

How to Slay an Interview

Big sister ENID is back, and she’s here to help you slay your next interview. With these tips and tricks, you’re sure to wow everyone in the room – or maybe, in the zoom!

Combining Passions from Polarising Disciplines

Rosie has yet another bone to pick. This time, it’s about her degree. Sick of society’s fixation on what she calls ‘The Single Pursuit’, Rosie reckons its time that we all embrace slashie culture.

What I Learnt From Working in a Toxic Male Workplace

Managing editor Fran reveals the realities of her first office job. What should have been a milestone moment in her career and personal life became a lesson in toxic male workplaces. Content warning: this article involves discussion of sexual assault


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