Friday essay: a sex-positive feminist takes up the ‘unfinished revolution’ her mother began – but it’s complicated

Bad Sex – like Bad Feminist (the title of the essay collection that launched Roxane Gay to literary stardom back in 2014) – is an enticing title for a book. Who hasn’t had bad sex at some time or other, including those of us who identify as feminists?

10 Tips for Emerging Writers

So, you want to be a writer?  If you’re looking to develop your writing skills, and maybe even pursue it as a career, then you’re going to need a little bit of help (trust me). In an effort to share my tips on pursuing writing, I have collated a lot of the advice I have… Continue reading 10 Tips for Emerging Writers

How To Get the Most Out of Therapy

Your Mental Health Fairy Godmother (AKA, our gal Jess) is here to provide some tried and tested tips for your first foray into therapy. An old hat at this whole therapy thing? Then consider these the tools to better equip you for getting the most out of each and every session!

Long Distance Dating During a Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made long distance dating even harder, with hard border closures quite literally banning you from seeing your betrothed. Fran speaks to two couples who are going through that right now, to get an insight into how it's going.

A Philosophical Analysis to Better Understand Consent

Though the word 'consent' gets thrown around pretty much constantly, what does it actually mean to 'consent' to intercourse? Lucja examines the philosophical problem of consent, and assures us that, ultimately, only yes means yes - so we should always explicitly seek consent.

I Moved Across the Country at 17

At just 17, Rosie uprooted her life to pursue uni interstate. Here's what she learned in the process.

Our Guide to Getting Over That Break Up

Break ups just plain suck. They're right up there with root canals and running for the bus but still missing it. But big sister ENID is here to help guide you through that break up, so that you can get back to doing what you do best: being a boss b*tch!

Degrading Pornography Objectifies and Silences Women

What is porn? When does it become problematic? And what role can wom*n play in uplifting their fellow gals amid objectification? Lucja investigates.

An Aromantic Perspective on Love Songs

Rose identifies as aromantic; she has never been in love... and doesn't really want to. So what is her perspective on love songs?

Best S3X Toys for Beginners

Your ENID big sister is here to help you lose yourself in an orgasmic wave.