Medical Misinformation on TikTok

Until she began to use TikTok, Shinae had never given much thought to medical rumours. Although it can represent an irresistible world of music and dance, there is a dark medical underworld to the wildly popular social media platform.

FREEMAN: Cathy’s Story, Twenty Years On

A few weeks ago, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of her iconic race, the ABC premiered FREEMAN, a documentary which I now declare to be mandatory viewing. I watched it while sandwiched between both of my parents, who by chance were sitting in the Olympic Stadium to watch Cathy Freeman’s semi-final race for the… Continue reading FREEMAN: Cathy’s Story, Twenty Years On

Philosophical Insights from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Givenchy, high fashion, and the iconic little black dress are just a few things that spring to mind when referring to the classic 60s movie. However, beyond this, the elegant, stylish and luxurious world of Holly Golightly also offers some interesting philosophical insights.

Normalising Female Nudity

Since the beginning of time, humans have wandered the earth nude. But nudity is about more than a human being bereft of clothes. It's the divinity of the most beautiful costume - yourself.

A Philosophical Analysis to Better Understand Consent

Though the word 'consent' gets thrown around pretty much constantly, what does it actually mean to 'consent' to intercourse? Lucja examines the philosophical problem of consent, and assures us that, ultimately, only yes means yes - so we should always explicitly seek consent.

The Impact of Nationalism and Fascism on Hungary’s Feminist Movement

Issy introduces us to some of the issues of contemporary feminism in Hungary, which holds a somewhat unique position in the dramatic political sphere of Europe today.

Degrading Pornography Objectifies and Silences Women

What is porn? When does it become problematic? And what role can wom*n play in uplifting their fellow gals amid objectification? Lucja investigates.

The X-Files Continues to Inspire Women in STEM

After binge-watching The X-Files series in its entirety, Caitlin realised the ongoing relevance of the show for women in STEM. Introducing, the Scully Effect.

Self-help Books Do More Harm Than Good

With motivational self-help books an increasingly popular reading choice, Shinae investigates who they are really helping. Could they be more harmful than we thought?

The Devastating Impact of Fee Hikes on Already Disadvantaged Australian Students

Shinae Taylor reports on the recent announcement by the Australian Federal Government that university fees will increase. Surely its relative to inflation though, right? Not at all, with some humanities degrees facing an 113% price hike.