Against Hustle Culture

Art by Sarvika Mishra “Work”, Khalil Gibran writes, “is love made visible”.  This quote comes from the much-celebrated book The Prophet which centres around a fictional prophet, who, facing impending departure to his home country, shares advice on love, work, marriage, parenting and more.  I was on my lunch break when I read the section… Continue reading Against Hustle Culture

Crushing On… Maddie King

At just 20-years-old, Maddie received a diagnosis we all dread: cancer. Our gal Fran speaks to her about recovery, positivity and the only disease with a 100% mortality rate: LIFE.

6 Ways To Optimise an Hour Long Lunch Break

Have you been blessed with a gig that offers an hour-long lunch break, like the true adult professional that you are? Unsure of how to optimise that time, so that you can truly reap the benefits of such a blessing? Well, look no further gals and pals, your ENID big sis is here to help.

Crushing On… Heather Rose

Our gal Alice speaks to Tasmanian author Heather Rose, about their love of the land, becoming internationally acclaimed and the best ways to become a better reader - and writer!

Crushing On… Dr. Lynn Townsend, OBGYN

Doctor Lynn Townsend speaks to Zohara about women in STEM, raising each other up, and her tips for surviving the apocalypse.

I Chose Freelancing Over Full Time Work

It's not a narrative that is often shared with students, but full time work isn't necessarily the next step after graduating with an undergrad degree. Despite being the "odd one out job-wise", managing editor Fran has enjoyed the freedom that comes with freelancing.

Crushing On… Sarah Hanson-Young

An important conversation with senator Sarah Hanson-Young with implications that go way beyond the political sphere. She reminds us that there is value in compassionate dialogue and offers her tips for finding hope in dark times.

How to Slay an Interview

Big sister ENID is back, and she's here to help you slay your next interview. With these tips and tricks, you're sure to wow everyone in the room - or maybe, in the zoom!

Crushing On… Neesha Flint

Our gal Alice gets the deets on COVID-19 in regional communities in this interview with the principal of Geraldton Grammar School in regional Western Australia. Neesha talks all things education and empowerment.

Crushing On… Kelle Howard

Kelle couldn't find a suitable place to renovate, so she built her own home instead! The interior designer talks to our gal Alice about her Bajo El Sol Beach House, motherhood, and business.