Crushing On… Julia Gilmour

No idea what a management consultant actually does? Neitehr did we, until this enlightening interview with Julia, who explains the ins and outs of the consulting business.

Combining Passions from Polarising Disciplines

Rosie has yet another bone to pick. This time, it's about her degree. Sick of society's fixation on what she calls 'The Single Pursuit', Rosie reckons its time that we all embrace slashie culture.

Crushing On… Our Co-founders

An interview with the founding duo of ENID, Nina and Adri

What I Learnt From Working in a Toxic Male Workplace

Managing editor Fran reveals the realities of her first office job. What should have been a milestone moment in her career and personal life became a lesson in toxic male workplaces. Content warning: this article involves discussion of sexual assault

The Business and Benefits of Personal Branding

WTF even is personal branding? It points to the promotion of your individuality through a distinct design. Alice takes us through the business (or more aptly, art) of personal branding and its benefits to a blossoming career.

Crushing On… Emily Kucukalic

To launch our new Gal Crush segment, Alice interviews the founder and managing director of Brand New You, Australia's number one personal branding agency.