Poetry | 136 Major

By Holly Stirman My secluded state  C’est la vie en tenebres  Dead Inquistiton  Deliberating  A slow decomposition  Brain dead before body  He plays with my mind  Escape to freedom denied  A brute fantasy  A silent echo  Of exhausting restlessness  Panic at the club  A rich illusion  On looking from high above  The faint film of… Continue reading Poetry | 136 Major

Short Fiction | A Most True Love

“Do you remember,” Kate said - apropos of nothing one night - “when we used to act out stories on the lawn?” Elaine shifted from where she was sprawled on the bed. “What?” “On the lawn,” Kate repeated, “stories. Queen and knight.” After a pause, Elaine sighed wistfully. “Our youthful exploits in theatrics. I was… Continue reading Short Fiction | A Most True Love

Short Fiction | The Lost Hour

The sun shakes her head as I blink, unravel my eyelids, yawn. Wednesday, I think. October, for sure. The midday breeze hits like nails upon a chalkboard and my window shudders in its bracket. I call my doctor — the receptionist recognises my voice — and book in for the afternoon. I pry apart my… Continue reading Short Fiction | The Lost Hour

Short Fiction | I Refuse To Be A Princess

“Nope.”  I shut my eyes resolutely but I could still feel them staring. “No, I’m not going to be kidnapped by a dragon. Or dye my hair blonde. Or even get married to the next handsome prince that just happens to come along.” I opened my eyes just long enough to glare at the angel.… Continue reading Short Fiction | I Refuse To Be A Princess

Poetry | The Mermaid

Not at all timid like her mythological counterparts, she bursts forth with as much energy as the waves that she disappears under.  She is far more confident in the water than on land.  The sun is her friend; it lets her shine.  She needs to be close to the wet expanse - even if it… Continue reading Poetry | The Mermaid

Short Fiction | An Alternate Knight

The journey to the castle had been long and tedious. Along the way Elliot had come across every stereotype in the realm and encountered countless handsome and lovable princes and knights...