How to Order Drinks Like an Adult

If your tastes haven’t progressed beyond the pre-mixed drinks of your youth, now is the time to level up with tips from your ENID big sis (aka, our main gal Fran)

How To Get the Most Out of Therapy

Your Mental Health Fairy Godmother (AKA, our gal Jess) is here to provide some tried and tested tips for your first foray into therapy. An old hat at this whole therapy thing? Then consider these the tools to better equip you for getting the most out of each and every session!

Chatting with Abbie Chatfield

An interview with ex-Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield, on the realities of reality television, body confidence, and a full-time career as an influencer.

ENID’s Guide to Spring Sweatpants

If 2020 was a wardrobe item, it would be dusty heels.  In February, I was looking at purchasing a new floral dress, but by April, I was scrolling on The Iconic looking for new sweatpants to add to my collection.  Long gone are the days of tight denim (anything form-fitting really), heeled booties and leather… Continue reading ENID’s Guide to Spring Sweatpants

How to Become a Better Intersectional Feminist

For too long, feminism was only concerned with the issues facing white women. In this ultimate reading and listening guide, Kate offers a comprehensive list of ways we can become our best intersectional feminist selves, because every feminist needs to acknowledge the systemic barriers facing BIPOC women.

5 Slow Fashion Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

Sustainability is (finally) gaining traction, and there are now many more sustainable retailers to choose from, including those that won't hurt your hip pocket. After all, paying $90 for a basic top can seem like extortion...

A Reflection on Mother’s Day

Whenever Mother's Day comes around, the pressure is on for families to plan the perfect day for the most important women in their lives. But is the day just reserved for those who have birthed or raised children, or can we also celebrate other kinds of mothers alongside less traditional notions of motherhood?

Things to do When Stuck Indoors

As Australia moves to self-isolation measures due to the coronavirus epidemic, we’re in the midst of a strange new reality. Which means for most of us, staying indoors all day, every day is the new norm. But if you’re not an introvert or homebody, you might be struggling to pass the time outside of Zoom meetings and walking to the fridge for yet another snack...

A Practical Guide for Finding Routine in Mayhem

Public service announcement: telling someone they need a routine is about as helpful as telling someone they really need to not have 6 cups of coffee a day. Yes, justification is not unclear, but it is also not particularly helpful. In times like this, there is no absence of advice, but a lot of the advice clearly lacks substance.

The Impact of Social Distancing on My Social Anxiety

Rosie has suffered from anxiety, in particular social anxiety, for a long time. And so, in some ways, social distancing has been a real blessing. Read more about the positive impacts iso has had on Rosie's mental health.