Raves, repairs, and renewal: how young Ukrainians are bringing joy to the rebuilding effort

After more than 250 days of assaults from Russian forces, Ukrainian resistance is taking more surprising forms. In an attempt to reconnect to their pre-invasion cutting-edge techno scene a group of young activists have been organising “repair raves” to attract people to help with the massive clean-up effort, dancing together while they do it.

Aussie Athletes Shine: Tokyo 2020 Wrap Up

It’s hard to narrow down two weeks’ worth of sporting prowess to just ten spectacular moments. Every Olympics is filled with moments of global joy, yet Tokyo 2020 has been extra special, knowing that these athletes had to wait an extra year to show the world what they’re made of.

Five Tokyo Olympic Athletes You May Not Have Heard Of

Here are 5 Tokyo Olympic athletes with inspirational stories.

Poland’s Fight For Freedom and Solidarity After Abortions Were Outlawed

Thousands of Poles protested against the even stricter abortion laws recently introduced by the governing PiS party. Lucja tells us more.

The Impact of Nationalism and Fascism on Hungary’s Feminist Movement

Issy introduces us to some of the issues of contemporary feminism in Hungary, which holds a somewhat unique position in the dramatic political sphere of Europe today.

I am very far from okay: An RUOK Day Special

Rosie has a problem with RUOK Day. As someone who has suffered from a wide range of mental illnesses, she believes this gripe to be entirely justified. Read her raw account of what it is like to experience suicidal thoughts.

The Collapse of Print Media

The death of print media isn't a new phenomenon. But is there a future for those of us aspiring to work in magazines, print or otherwise?

The Devastating Impact of Fee Hikes on Already Disadvantaged Australian Students

Our team reports on the recent announcement by the Australian Federal Government that university fees will increase. Surely its relative to inflation though, right? Not at all, with some humanities degrees facing an 113% price hike.

Only Beauty, No Beast

After North Korean's dictator Kim Jung Un was hospitalised in April, Kim Yo Jong was thrust into the spotlight. The “most powerful woman in North Korea” was given quite the welcome on all social media platforms, becoming subject to ‘stan’, anime and meme culture all at once. While meme culture has always been fun, we also need to look more closely at what we post and participate in.

COVID-19 is Destroying Advancements in Women’s Rights

The Polish Parliament recently discussed the ban of abortions of foetuses with serious abnormalities - along with abortions for other reasons. Poland’s abortion laws are already among the strictest in Europe, so what will this mean for the rights of Polish wom*n? Lucja tells us more.