Everyone has an Olympic Story.

Everyone has an Olympic story, even if you're not an athlete. This is Caitlin's.

ENID Reviews… ‘Dear Ex’

Who loved him first? In a situation where no one is completely free from culpability, who do we blame? Directed by Mag Hsu,  the Taiwanese film Dear Ex markets itself as a comedy-drama. However, it’s ironic, sometimes cruel humour is an unconvincing mask over a bitter, solution-less situation in which almost everyone involved can be… Continue reading ENID Reviews… ‘Dear Ex’

Godard’s 1966 film ‘Masculin Feminin’ is a Postmodern Masterpiece

"One of the most intellectually exciting and insightful films of the 20th century"

ENID Reviews… ‘The Space Between’

From the creators of the Shameless podcast Photo by Caitlin Robson There are few books in the world that I have felt the urge to highlight, scribble in and write all over. That is because I’m a book purist; I don’t even dog-ear pages. But The Space Between is one that I wanted to commit… Continue reading ENID Reviews… ‘The Space Between’

ENID Reviews… ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past year (with the pandemic and all, we don’t blame you), you’ve probably heard of the self-help book that’s been taking the millennial world by storm: Florence Given’s Women Don’t Owe You Pretty. Yep, the one with the groovy retro typeface and pink and red colouring. … Continue reading ENID Reviews… ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’

ENID’s Summer Reading Guide

Ah, summer. The time in which we all promise ourselves to get back into reading again. Sometimes though, the biggest hurdle can be choosing a book! Luckily, our gal Jess has got your back.

ENID Reviews… ‘To My Country’

Ben Lawson's viral video poem that became a book

ENID Reviews… ‘Emily in Paris’

Having recently ranked number one as the most streamed show on Australian Netflix, there’s a good reason why Netflix's 'Emily in Paris' is so popular. Our main gal Fran gives us the DL.

ENID Reviews… ‘Enola Holmes’

Boasting a cast that includes Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown and Harry Potter’s Helena Bonham Carter, buckle up for a refreshing ride with this latest remake, based on the first book in a series of the same name by Nancy Springer, which is itself loosely inspired by the canonical Sherlock Holmes novels. The film revolves… Continue reading ENID Reviews… ‘Enola Holmes’

What I Learnt From Meeting A Real-Life Anti-Vaxxer

For most of us, we exist inside our socio-political bubbles, with limited exposure to opposing views. So Fran found herself a little shocked (to say the least) when she was roped into a conversation with an anti-vax conspiracist. Here's what she learned.