‘Sex Education’ Teaches Us About So Much More Than Sex

Caitlin would like to broadcast the following PSA: we need to listen to the teenage girls in Netflix's 'Sex Education' - they teach us about much more than just sex. Content warning: this article mentions sexual assault.

Normalising Female Nudity

Since the beginning of time, humans have wandered the earth nude. But nudity is about more than a human being bereft of clothes. It's the divinity of the most beautiful costume - yourself.

ENID Reviews… ‘Fairytales for Wilde Girls’

A novel by Alyssa Near With illustrations by Courtney Brimms ★★★★★ Fairytales for Wilde Girls, by contemporary Australian author Allyse Near, manages the impressive feat of sacrificing neither gritty reality nor whimsical fairytale in the world it weaves and the characters that inhabit it. A bubblegum gothic coming-of-age narrative that centres itself firmly in the… Continue reading ENID Reviews… ‘Fairytales for Wilde Girls’

ENID Reviews… Netflix’s New ‘Baby-Sitter’s Club’

Netflix’s new original series, The Baby-Sitter's Club, brings everything you love about the original novel series of the same name — and then some. Before we launch into the review, I have to make a quick confession: I never read The Babysitter's Club books as a teen/tween/preteen. I’m also a good decade older than the… Continue reading ENID Reviews… Netflix’s New ‘Baby-Sitter’s Club’

Self-help Books Do More Harm Than Good

With motivational self-help books an increasingly popular reading choice, Shinae investigates who they are really helping. Could they be more harmful than we thought?

Should We Be Avoiding Blue and White Striped Clothing?

Because it is not always about what you wear, but also the awareness that you should have about what you wear.

ENID Reviews… ‘A Celebration of Vulva Diversity’

In her book 'A Celebration of Vulva Diversity', Hilde Atalanta, illustrator and founder of The Vulva Gallery Project, highlights our differences not to be divisive, but rather to show how our diversity brings wom*n together.

ENID Reviews… ‘Great Goddesses’

ENID's Editor-in-chief Kate Scott reviews Nikita Gill's poetry anthology Great Goddesses: life lessons from myths and monsters, the "perfect blend" of Greek mythology and contemporary feminism

Make Philosophy Studies Mandatory

Rosie writes about her experience of studying philosophy and why some studies of the discipline should be made mandatory.