An Aromantic Perspective on Love Songs

Rose identifies as aromantic; she has never been in love... and doesn't really want to. So what is her perspective on love songs?

Co-opting the Crucifix

Does the crucifix, once only a religious symbol, become meaningless when adopted as a fashion statement?

The Future of Fashion Magazines

Shinae Taylor explores how fashion magazines have created a new kind of hyper-individualistic, pro-consumer, ‘girl power’ identity, and investigates whether the industry should be revived.

Feminism and Studio Ghibli

Chloe analyses the world of Studio Ghibli through a feminist lens.

Cursed with Femininity

Rosie explains how and why women swear, and illuminates how our curses can make us better feminists. Content warning: this article involves the use of excessive explicit language to dismantle the patriarchy