Grieving for futures lost to COVID

And the old widow goes to the stone every day But I don't, I just sit here and wait Grieving for the living (Taylor Swift - Ivy) The past 18 months have suspended life in ways we didn’t believe were possible. Time feels gooey and heavy, sticking onto everything it touches. We, the collective youth,… Continue reading Grieving for futures lost to COVID

Tattoos and Trauma

Rosie's body is covered with tattoos - but also with scars. Although she can't change her past, she can choose to transform her body into an artwork.

The Personality Industry

On zodiacs, horoscopes and personality tests I’m an Aquarius. According to one website, Aquarians are “progressive, original, independent, humanitarian”. We like intellectual conversations, helping others and having fun with our friends. Likewise, points to a humanitarian streak and a keen interest in “making the world a better place”. If I had been born five… Continue reading The Personality Industry

I Spent New Year’s Eve in Hospital

After noticing some unusual bruises, Fran booked a doctor's appointment that probably saved her life. Unfortunately, it meant spending New Year's Eve in hospital - here's how it went.

Marked at Birth: Normalising Port-Wine Stain Birthmarks

Lucja was born "kissed by an angel", with port-wine stain birthmarks covering most of her body. Her story is one of finding self-love in a world that covets clear skin.