ENID’s Guide to Sustainable Gifting

There’s guaranteed to always be another celebration around the corner. No matter the occasion, ENID is here to guide you on more sustainable ways of spreading cheer.

Aussie Athletes Shine: Tokyo 2020 Wrap Up

It’s hard to narrow down two weeks’ worth of sporting prowess to just ten spectacular moments. Every Olympics is filled with moments of global joy, yet Tokyo 2020 has been extra special, knowing that these athletes had to wait an extra year to show the world what they’re made of.

Come to Paris and New York With Me?

In the midst of Sydney lockdown, Caitlin is lamenting her previous travels. When she was younger, she travelled the world with books and film. Currently, she can only travel with her words…

The Polaroid Project

People don’t normally get philosophical about photography. In an age of throwaway consumerism, what value do polaroids offer? Part 1 of a new series from our gal Caitlin, ‘Imprints of our past’.

5 Awesome Must-Read Books by Female Authors

As a former English tutor, Shinae has seen the impact of the “no time to read” attitude. But literacy should be at the centre of our culture. And what better literature to champion than those with female authors.


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