What I Learnt From Meeting A Real-Life Anti-Vaxxer

For most of us, we exist inside our socio-political bubbles, with limited exposure to opposing views. So Fran found herself a little shocked (to say the least) when she was roped into a conversation with an anti-vax conspiracist. Here’s what she learned.

Normalising Female Nudity

Since the beginning of time, humans have wandered the earth nude. But nudity is about more than a human being bereft of clothes. It’s the divinity of the most beautiful costume – yourself.

Self-help Books Do More Harm Than Good

With motivational self-help books an increasingly popular reading choice, Shinae investigates who they are really helping. Could they be more harmful than we thought?

Make Philosophy Studies Mandatory

Rosie writes about her experience of studying philosophy and why some studies of the discipline should be made mandatory.