I Chose Freelancing Over Full Time Work

It's not a narrative that is often shared with students, but full time work isn't necessarily the next step after graduating with an undergrad degree. Despite being the "odd one out job-wise", managing editor Fran has enjoyed the freedom that comes with freelancing.

How to Slay an Interview

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What I Learnt From Working in a Toxic Male Workplace

Managing editor Fran reveals the realities of her first office job. What should have been a milestone moment in her career and personal life became a lesson in toxic male workplaces. Content warning: this article involves discussion of sexual assault

The Business and Benefits of Personal Branding

WTF even is personal branding? It points to the promotion of your individuality through a distinct design. Alice takes us through the business (or more aptly, art) of personal branding and its benefits to a blossoming career.