Grieving for futures lost to COVID

And the old widow goes to the stone every day But I don't, I just sit here and wait Grieving for the living (Taylor Swift - Ivy) The past 18 months have suspended life in ways we didn’t believe were possible. Time feels gooey and heavy, sticking onto everything it touches. We, the collective youth,… Continue reading Grieving for futures lost to COVID

Poetry | Worlds Away

For you, on the other side of the door A world away – how are you?  I miss you terribly, so you should stay Right where you are or I’ll eat you up. Just kidding, please come in?  (That’s a joke, I know you can’t).  I look out the window for the longest time and… Continue reading Poetry | Worlds Away

Come to Paris and New York With Me?

In the midst of Sydney lockdown, Caitlin is lamenting her previous travels. When she was younger, she travelled the world with books and film. Currently, she can only travel with her words...

Personal Training for First-timers: COVID edition

I had never used a Personal Trainer (that’s a PT, for those in the know) or done any kind of weights-based exercise before this year, coincidentally when all the gyms closed. Around May this year, when New South Wales and most of the rest of the world was in lockdown, I started with a personal… Continue reading Personal Training for First-timers: COVID edition

What I Learnt From Meeting A Real-Life Anti-Vaxxer

For most of us, we exist inside our socio-political bubbles, with limited exposure to opposing views. So Fran found herself a little shocked (to say the least) when she was roped into a conversation with an anti-vax conspiracist. Here's what she learned.

Long Distance Dating During a Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made long distance dating even harder, with hard border closures quite literally banning you from seeing your betrothed. Fran speaks to two couples who are going through that right now, to get an insight into how it's going.

COVID-19 is Destroying Advancements in Women’s Rights

The Polish Parliament recently discussed the ban of abortions of foetuses with serious abnormalities - along with abortions for other reasons. Poland’s abortion laws are already among the strictest in Europe, so what will this mean for the rights of Polish wom*n? Lucja tells us more.

Things to do When Stuck Indoors

As Australia moves to self-isolation measures due to the coronavirus epidemic, we’re in the midst of a strange new reality. Which means for most of us, staying indoors all day, every day is the new norm. But if you’re not an introvert or homebody, you might be struggling to pass the time outside of Zoom meetings and walking to the fridge for yet another snack...

A Practical Guide for Finding Routine in Mayhem

Public service announcement: telling someone they need a routine is about as helpful as telling someone they really need to not have 6 cups of coffee a day. Yes, justification is not unclear, but it is also not particularly helpful. In times like this, there is no absence of advice, but a lot of the advice clearly lacks substance.

The Impact of Social Distancing on My Social Anxiety

Rosie has suffered from anxiety, in particular social anxiety, for a long time. And so, in some ways, social distancing has been a real blessing. Read more about the positive impacts iso has had on Rosie's mental health.