What We Learned From 10 Influential Women in Fashion

When it came down to choose just ten fashion icons from the past century, it was an absolute struggle to narrow it down. Lucja reflects on a myriad of incredible influential women from the ages, who have changed fashion forever.

ENID’s Guide to Spring Sweatpants

If 2020 was a wardrobe item, it would be dusty heels.  In February, I was looking at purchasing a new floral dress, but by April, I was scrolling on The Iconic looking for new sweatpants to add to my collection.  Long gone are the days of tight denim (anything form-fitting really), heeled booties and leather… Continue reading ENID’s Guide to Spring Sweatpants

Co-opting the Crucifix

Does the crucifix, once only a religious symbol, become meaningless when adopted as a fashion statement?

5 Slow Fashion Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

Sustainability is (finally) gaining traction, and there are now many more sustainable retailers to choose from, including those that won't hurt your hip pocket. After all, paying $90 for a basic top can seem like extortion...

The Future of Fashion Magazines

Shinae Taylor explores how fashion magazines have created a new kind of hyper-individualistic, pro-consumer, ‘girl power’ identity, and investigates whether the industry should be revived.