Crushing On… Dr. Lynn Townsend, OBGYN

For the layperson, what does your role as an Obstetrician-Gynaecologist (O&G) entail and why did you choose this specialty?  I was going to be a neurologist. I had done an undergraduate degree in neuroscience with honours and my honours project was in electrophysiology. I really enjoyed it and lined up a PhD. I was dead… Continue reading Crushing On… Dr. Lynn Townsend, OBGYN

Crushing On… Sarah Hanson-Young

The ENID Network was named after Dame Enid Lyons, the first woman to be elected to the Australian parliament. 77 years on, Sarah Hanson-Young is also playing a critical role in paving the way for women in the political ecosystem. This is an important conversation with implications beyond the political scene. She reminds us that there… Continue reading Crushing On… Sarah Hanson-Young

Crushing On… Neesha Flint

An interview with the inspiring principal at Geraldton Grammar School, in regional Western Australia

Crushing On… Kelle Howard

Kelle couldn't find a suitable place to renovate, so she built her own home instead

Crushing On… Julia Gilmour

An enlightening interview with Julia, who explains the ins and outs of management consulting

Crushing On… Emily Kucukalic

To launch our new Gal Crush segment, Alice interviews the founder and managing director of Brand New You, Australia's number one personal branding agency.