by Belle Campbell soft, misshapen head bruised by your ego. her pockets sagging with the weight of your ham-fisted denial. you can never lie to her, still sleep like her. afraid of the dark, blindly groping the edges of this feeling, indecipherable layers of fear. the beak of lip and swell of cheek. the spring… Continue reading girl

Poetry | Worlds Away

For you, on the other side of the door A world away – how are you?  I miss you terribly, so you should stay Right where you are or I’ll eat you up. Just kidding, please come in?  (That’s a joke, I know you can’t).  I look out the window for the longest time and… Continue reading Poetry | Worlds Away

Poetry | Bombora

See those rocks out there past the break? Sometimes you can’t see them, they are covered by the tide blanket. Look, there they are again. Well, that’s where I am. I mostly live a submerged existence, coming up for air only sometimes. My name is in the original language of the earliest peoples; the ones… Continue reading Poetry | Bombora

Poetry | My World With You In It

Tuesday, 13 April, 2021 The ghost of a grandparent I have never met haunts me. Tears stream down my face when I try to think of how you talked to people and made them laugh.  There are others who did know you, heard your laugh  and got to feel that embrace  that only a grandfather… Continue reading Poetry | My World With You In It

Poetry | The Street Maiden

The Street Maiden whistles  lone hollow notes as rain spears at Her grey skin and slips  from long, iron nails as the three-legged hound and tailless cat trail  after Her frosted tunes (hear, Her tune) (here, Her tune) cracked crab claws  tossed from roadside stalls clatter  against crown caps to the drains that gurgle and… Continue reading Poetry | The Street Maiden

Poetry | 136 Major

By Holly Stirman My secluded state  C’est la vie en tenebres  Dead Inquistiton  Deliberating  A slow decomposition  Brain dead before body  He plays with my mind  Escape to freedom denied  A brute fantasy  A silent echo  Of exhausting restlessness  Panic at the club  A rich illusion  On looking from high above  The faint film of… Continue reading Poetry | 136 Major

Poetry | The Mermaid

Not at all timid like her mythological counterparts, she bursts forth with as much energy as the waves that she disappears under.  She is far more confident in the water than on land.  The sun is her friend; it lets her shine.  She needs to be close to the wet expanse - even if it… Continue reading Poetry | The Mermaid