ENID Reviews… ‘Dear Ex’

Who loved him first? In a situation where no one is completely free from culpability, who do we blame? Directed by Mag Hsu,  the Taiwanese film Dear Ex markets itself as a comedy-drama. However, it’s ironic, sometimes cruel humour is an unconvincing mask over a bitter, solution-less situation in which almost everyone involved can be… Continue reading ENID Reviews… ‘Dear Ex’

Godard’s 1966 film ‘Masculin Feminin’ is a Postmodern Masterpiece

"One of the most intellectually exciting and insightful films of the 20th century"

ENID Reviews… ‘Emily in Paris’

Having recently ranked number one as the most streamed show on Australian Netflix, there’s a good reason why Netflix's 'Emily in Paris' is so popular. Our main gal Fran gives us the DL.

Dear ‘Golden Girls’

Jessica Lees on the cultural significance of 'The Golden Girls' as a beacon of sexual empowerment and agency, particularly for ageing women.

‘Dance Moms’: Entertainment or Exploitation?

Making children cry for the sake of money-making television sounds like something out of a fictional dystopian world - like 'The Hunger Games' or 'Divergent'. But, as Helena reveals, it's happening right in front of us.

ENID Reviews… ‘Enola Holmes’

Boasting a cast that includes Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown and Harry Potter’s Helena Bonham Carter, buckle up for a refreshing ride with this latest remake, based on the first book in a series of the same name by Nancy Springer, which is itself loosely inspired by the canonical Sherlock Holmes novels. The film revolves… Continue reading ENID Reviews… ‘Enola Holmes’

‘Sex Education’ Teaches Us About So Much More Than Sex

Caitlin would like to broadcast the following PSA: we need to listen to the teenage girls in Netflix's 'Sex Education' - they teach us about much more than just sex. Content warning: this article mentions sexual assault.

Philosophical Insights from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

Givenchy, high fashion, and the iconic little black dress are just a few things that spring to mind when referring to the classic 60s movie. However, beyond this, the elegant, stylish and luxurious world of Holly Golightly also offers some interesting philosophical insights.

The X-Files Continues to Inspire Women in STEM

After binge-watching The X-Files series in its entirety, Caitlin realised the ongoing relevance of the show for women in STEM. Introducing, the Scully Effect.

ENID Reviews… Netflix’s New ‘Baby-Sitter’s Club’

Netflix’s new original series, The Baby-Sitter's Club, brings everything you love about the original novel series of the same name — and then some. Before we launch into the review, I have to make a quick confession: I never read The Babysitter's Club books as a teen/tween/preteen. I’m also a good decade older than the… Continue reading ENID Reviews… Netflix’s New ‘Baby-Sitter’s Club’